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I've had a few people ask me why my session prices are not on the website so I figured I would answer it for all of you in one post. Everyone is going to have a different need for their session, while they may have a general theme the amount of people and time needed to photograph for your session will be different for all of you. For example, you want a family session, how is it fair that I charge the same for photographing 4 people for an hour as it is to photograph 10 people for 3 hours? Its not, for you as a customer or me as a business owner. For that reason it is very difficult to create a blanket price for every session. So to make it fair for everyone I would prefer to customize each session to fit your needs and have a price that reflects exactly what you need.

So if you're interested in booking a session with me all you need to do is contact me! Send me an email (, send me a Facebook message, call or text my cellphone (607) 437-6742 and I would be happy to either set up an in person consultation with you or we can work it out through any of those means. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks everyone!


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End of the Year Hello Everyone!

Well as we get closer to the holidays I wanted to let you all know that From December 23 - January 1st I will be taking some time off of photographing to spend with my family for the holidays but I will still be checking emails and booking sessions into next year. 

I can't believe that 2016 is coming to close. This year was a big one for me cause after years of waiting for the perfect time to start my business I finally took that leap. Its been a very different experience for me. I've learned quite a bit with every photo session I do and I'm so glad to have all of you along for the journey. In 2017 I hope to continue to grow and I'm planning on doing some giveaways and special promotions for all of you! So exciting stuff to come!

I would like to bring to your attention that come the first of the year I will be adjusting some of my prices so if you would like to book your session with the prices locked in that I currently offer please do so before December 31st. All new prices will be effective come January 1, 2017. That doesn't mean your photo session has to take place before December 31st, just that you need to book it with me and if it will be in the new year I will require a deposit to lock in your price. So get ahold of me soon!


Thank you all for all your support and your business! I can't wait to see what next year has in store for all of us! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

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Feedback Hello everyone! By now everyone who ordered dance photos should have received them and I'd love to hear what you think! And even if you didn't order and you saw the photos online I'd still love to hear from you! Comment below on this post, comment on Facebook, send me a message or email! Let me hear how you felt about the whole experience cause we can only improve from here!!

Thanks everyone!!

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End Of Session Hello everyone! Well, we did it! Photographing the O'Donnell-Kelly School of Dance was an amazing opportunity for me and I can't believe how much of a success it was. It was a lot of work and I loved every minute of it because it was so much fun. To get to go to "work" and have so much fun with all of you was such a blessing. I finally found a job that I love. So thank you for the opportunity. I can't wait till the parents all have the photos in their possession so they can share in my excitement. I will never be able to express my gratitude to Ms. O'Donnell and Caitlin Kelly for giving me the chance to photograph these talented young dancers.

My printer has surprised me with their attentiveness and the expedited service they provided so that not only were the photos delivered early, they were delivered almost 2 weeks early! They can get the job done much quicker than I anticipated, especially for a job as big as the photos I just sent them. So it has made me even more excited for the rest of the sessions that I have booked in the next couple of weeks. From December 23 - January 1st I will be taking some time off to spend with my family but I will still be checking emails and booking sessions into next year. So if you want a session done before the holidays,  don't hesitate and send me a message so we can get you on the calendar!

Thank you all again for all of your support!!

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They're Up! Hello Everyone! I know, I already posted today but I was too excited to share this with all of you to wait. *cue drumroll* The Portraits from the Dance School are up! Out of respect for the young children photographed and their families the gallery is password protected. If you are affiliated with the Dance School, Caitlin Kelly or myself will issue you the password, just send us a message!

So go take a look! I'm so excited!! I will be ordering the packages that were purchased yesterday onsite tomorrow so if you'd like to order photos before I send out the first batch please do so as soon as possible!


Thanks everyone!!

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Christmas Recital Hello Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the O'Donnell-Kelly School of Dance at their Annual Christmas Dance Recital. The dancers did a wonderful job performing and it was a great show to watch. The school's fundraiser was a big success and I'm so glad I got to be a part of the whole experience. I am now working on editing all the photos of the talented dancers I saw yesterday and I can't wait to share them with you and all the dancers' families. I'm already halfway done with editing the formal portraits and then I'll upload those onto the website before starting on the actual photos of the dance.


Again, thank you everyone for your support and patience. It was a great experience for me to be able to capture these talented young boys and girls on their big day.

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Dance Recital Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as I enjoyed mine! But I am even more excited to announce that I'll be taking photos of the O'Donnell-Kelly School of Irish Dance this Saturday (December 3) during their Christmas Recital. So if you have a love for dancing and would enjoy a free performance from a bunch of talented boys and girls come out and see them perform! It is always a wonderful experience for everyone in the audience! I'll also be there to answer any questions or to just chat with you about any sessions you're interested in. 

So please come out and watch some talented dancers perform for you! They'll be dancing at 2pm in Hartwick at the Community Center. I know I can't wait! My girls and I go every year and they never disappoint!

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Sessions & Sales Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that I have added purchasing prints and other photo products directly from the website! I'd also like to have you take a look at a new folder under the Portfolio tab that is labeled "Sessions." This folder has a few of the services that I offer and their prices. If you don't see a session that fits your needs send me an email, shoot me a Facebook Message and you and I can figure out something that works for both of us! 

Please if there is anything you would like to ask me don't hesitate! I am here for you! I would be happy to sit down with any of you and work out a photo session that will be filled with memories to cherish forever!

Thank you everyone for your patience and support!

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Digital world Hello everyone! I need your help! We live in a very digital world. You're all reading this post on a phone or computer. You share photos with your friends and family through email or a social media platform like Facebook or instagram. But the downside to giving you a disc of digital images is 9 times out of 10 you look at the photos when the disc is delivered, share 1-3 of your favorites on Facebook for your friends to see and that's it. Well I'd like to change that. I want your sessions to come with prints. That's right. Actual physical prints of your memories that you can display in your home. All the images will be uploaded onto the website so you can purchase/view all the images you desire. A disc will be available separately for purchase if you choose. 

But here's where I need you. What size prints are the most important to you? Are wallets obsolete? Are 11x14 prints too large? What do you want to see! Let me know what I can offer to make you happy!

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New products hi everyone! I'm so excited! I found a new print supplier and they sent me a welcome packet with all new products to offer you all! Everything from prints to holiday cards and even canvases! I've been working hard on my procing but haven't published it yet while I finish filing all the business paperwork. But stayed tuned while we work on making ShutterBugz Images the best it can be for you and me!

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Behind the scenes Hello everyone! I know it seems like not much is happening but I've been very busy with behind the scene legal working. Making sure we're getting everything done that I need in order to provide you all with the best work possible. I've also been working on my price guide to publish for everyone but I've decided to switch up my printer so I'm waiting to see how good my new printer works before I finalize prices. So thank you everyone for your patience and please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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Qualified? Hello everyone! By now I'm sure you've looked through the photos I have uploaded. The one thing That may be on your mind is "what qualifies you to take photos of my precious moments?" Excellent question! So let me answer that for you. I have been an avid photography lover for as long as I can remember. All through school I always had a camera on me trying to capture as many moments as I could. After school I traveled and started my family, and I always took photos to remember our travels. While we were living in England I took a class at the New York Institute of Photography which further cemented the idea that photography was my dream job, my passion. When we returned back to the United States I worked the summer as a sports action photographer and also took studio team and individual portraits. And this fall I started working for a company that takes school photos around the state. 

Photography is a passion I have had for years and continue to nurture as the years go on. It is an ever changing field and a constant learning experience but one I  can't get enough of. 

Please dont hesitate to ask me anything you'd like to know! I'm currently working on publishing my price guide but I'd be happy to have an email consultation with you at any time!

thanks everyone!

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Getting Started Hello everyone!

I'm so glad you found my webpage! It is still a work in progress as I learn to navigate the world of website building and design but it is definitely a start! So why build a website? Well, after over a year of wanting to start a photography business it was brought to my attention that I was wasting time by not being paid for my photos. So this website is the start of a whole new world for me! I love taking photos so why not make a lifetime career of it? So here I am putting out my shingle to start my business. 

Please bare with me while I work on pricing and continuing to work on my website to get it as close to perfect as I can.


Thank you for the support!

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